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Lisa Makes Stuff
I write, I shoot, I edit. These are a few of my favorite things.
Showreel for 2023! A reel of my writing, animation, cinematography, and video editing work.
3D Animation & Modeling
The Flower!
An animation about a flower and a pesky bee.
A four-panel comic about a pumpkin and FOMO.
3D models made in Blender.
Sandwich! A New Yorker finds herself in an awkward situation with her neighbors. Screened at the Asian-American Film Thing at Caveat in NYC.
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Sketch comedy
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A sampling of sketch comedy videos I wrote and edited. More on YouTube!
Jesus take the Wheel Screened at Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival 2022
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Anxious High Five When anxious thoughts go awry. Screened at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival 2022.
2D Animation
Birds! An animation about gossipy birds. Screened at the 2021 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.
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Source: polypastel
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Travel Plans! An animated short about communication.
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The Fruit Guy! A documentary about Cihan Camak, a fruit seller on the Upper West Side in NYC.
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John Cena and the Chinese Orchestra! Video and song made from John Cena's social media post.
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All People in Public Must Have a Mask! Video and song made with the governor's press footage. Screened at the 2020 New York City Quarantine Film Festival.
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